We’ve paired up all the essentials for the perfect at-home matcha experience. Featuring our Ceremonial Matcha 30 g tin and a bamboo matcha whisk for whipping up the tastiest matcha. Just add your favourite milk for an instant latte, hot or iced.

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Matcha kit Taste Sweet umami blast with an ultra smooth finish

Ingredients 100% matcha green tea powder

Caffeine Yes! Minus the jitters and crash

Serving 30 g (a month supply for the daily drinker) in each matcha kit

Origin Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Producer Small family farms

Harvest  Premium 1st harvest (harvest only once a year from youngest leaves)

Elevation  23 m

Process  Hand-picked, steamed, dried, destemmed, deveined and stone-ground

Shading  Honzu shaded for ± 20 days


Enjoy the matcha kit on its own, ideally with friends and good music. We like ours hot. After opening, store in a cool dry place, away from moisture, sunlight and odours. Drink within two months.



Scoop 1 teaspoon of matcha into a bowl



Add 100 ml of hot water (80 °C)



Whisk together with a bamboo whisk, enjoy!

We source our matcha sustainably and organically from small family farms in Uji, Japan. We work by the values of transparent trade. This helps create a healthy relationship with the farmer and financial sustainability for them.

Packaged in our sustainable and 100% recyclable packaging. Made from post-consumer recycled trees and printed with vegetable ink. Only the good stuff.

”Regular” matcha is often bitter and have chemicals that make them taste artificial. Our matcha in this matcha kit is hand-picked and harvested only once a year from 1st harvest matcha grown on sustainable & organic small family farms in Uji, Japan. All-natural, no artificial stuff ever. As one of the highest grades of matcha available in the world, a sip will shoot you straight to paradise, with a strong boost of feel good energy.


A sustained energy boost without jitters and crash. 1 matcha = 1 espresso.


Additionally, this matcha kit is packed with a high concentration of L-theanine. It regulates the caffeine uptake – keeping you calm and focused for hours.


Moreover, matcha helps kick your metabolism into full gear and detoxify. In other words, a healthy metabolism means more energy and better digestion.

Sustainably farmed on small family farms in Uji, Japan.

Sustainably farmed on small family farms in Uji, Japan.